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Here is my tribute to this great game...

Great game that I'm still trying to complete. Great challenge. I love that it stays true to the franchise. AND that intro music is some of the best I have ever heard done with a SID. Very skilled, all in all. Thanks. Ps. This font RULES :D

Just discovered this sequel to Bruce Lee.  The original was one of my favorite C64 games, so finding a new version that is faithful to the original but presents a whole new world with all new puzzles and challenges really made my day.  Made my year, really.  Is it just my imagination, or is Return of Fury even more difficult than the original game?  Took me two solid days of obsessively playing it to finally get to the end.

One very minor gripe - the way my emulator is set up, it's easier for me to use Joystick 1.  In the standalone version of the game, every time the game ends you have to go and set Bruce to be Joystick 1 again (it doesn't save that setting).  And in the Duology version, you can't pick Joystick 1 at all - it forces you to use stick 2 for Bruce.

Besides that though, I'm really enjoying the game.  Thanks for creating it.  I'd love to see further adventures for C64 Bruce Lee - make it a trilogy!

Hi BiceBob, actually there is allready a Bruce Lee 2, so this is the third version :) You can find them all collected on this easyflash release : 


Amazing game, brings back fond memories for me :) It's nice to see a whole new map but it's good that you haven't tampered with the feel of the original game. Great work! :)

Hi Marc! Thank you for your kind comments. Yes, indeed - in my opinion it's the gameplay that makes the game Bruce. Any tampering would be disrespectful. :)

One question. I just wonder, why its possible to choose also for "Bruce" CPU-control, when then the game can not be started. Cause when CPU is used for Bruce and the user wants to start the game, the border flashes to red, but nothing goes on. Where is the sense in the function CPU-control for the Bruce Sprite? Or is this a bug?

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All characters can have CPU or joystick 1-4, but Bruce can of course not be CPU controlled. Ignore that, and it could be classified as simply laziness on my part. :)

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Hello, my name is JJ and I am in the 4th grade. I played the game and i beat it. I also beat the first and second Bruce Lee games.  It was really fun.  Thank you for spending time to make a free game. I want to be a game designer when I  grow up.


That's lovely to hear, JJ - we're really happy that you enjoyed the game! Good luck in becoming a game designer - and maybe you'll even do some C64 games as well. :)

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i you schooling at sunshine private school your name sounds familliar

i you schooling at sunshine private school your name sounds familliar


Just had a couple of shots of this and like it a lot. Only things I have a problem with so far are 1) - no visual/audio feedback when a bad guy gets killed (I want do see Ninja and Green Sumo Bloke go splat!) and 2) the continues seem a bit... pointless (no pun intended).

Lovely presentation, too.

Thank you for the feedback. I didn't want to mess with the sprites or the characters' modus operandi, which is why there's no splats. The continue option is really for up and coming gamers, not hardcore old-timers. :)


Guys, great game, loving it but a question which may sound odd. You hacked the source code, will you be making that source available. The reason is that many of us enjoyed Bruce Lee on both the C64 and the Atari 800 where it was much loved, with the sources there might be people to try and port this to the Atari. Unless you guys could do it?

Whatever the answer its a great new version with all the feel of the old one but with every thing new....Well done and thank you..

It sure would be amazing to get an Atari 800XL XE port of this!

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Hi - DM me about this. Cheers!

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Wow, the 3-player-simultan mode and the fact, that now also the black Ninja can be controlled by a human-player, is really fantastic. Brings a whole new gameplay-feeling into the good old Bruce Lee game on the C-64. Good work guys !!! And also a funny coincidende, cause about 1 year ago, i mentioned exactly this point (3-player-simultan-mode in Bruce Lee) in one of my comments to the C-64 game "Galencia". Now this wish came true. Superb !!!


Even under CPU control they fight a bit better than in the original game as well which is, of course, a good thing.

Thank you! Yes, that's true, there is one difference: In the original game, Yamo and the Ninja just waited for Bruce if he was above them. In this one, I opted to let them roam free, increasing the chances that they'll respawn near him.


One doffs one's cap. Very nicely done.


This is a fantastic sequel, keeping the brilliant mechanics of the original, but playing around with the tone & setting, incorporating modern design sensibilities, and ramping up the difficulty just enough to accommodate the battle-tested players of contemporary hardcore platformers. Exemplary work.

Thank you for the nice review!


Awesomesauce, Bruce Lee has always been one of my favourite games!

You and me both!


Amazing, just awesome !! I adore the original game and will happily pass this modification.

We're happy you like it :)