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How to play and score points:
Jump from platform to platform and collect the colors Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Purple to score points. The more you collect on each platform, the more points you score. The amount of colors you pick up will be multiplied with the number listed on the score bar. When you have collected all the 5 different colors, this number will rise. Avoid the Grey plattforms, landing on these plattforms could be lethal as they are broken. If you fall to the ground your car will explode 

Pick up the hitckhiker to gain 50 points. Beware: If you jump and land on the hitchhiker he dies, and no points is scored. 

Firebutton to jump. After jumping you can do a double jump by pressing firebutton in the air, this works only once each jump.

Run/Stop during playing returns to startscreen

F7 to enter the cheat menu. Activating cheats will disable highscore saving.

Game concept and programming by Docster
Graphics and music by Rotteroy
Linking by Six
Testing and valuable feedback: Geir Straume, Roy Fielding, Endurion, Eric Akeson and Pixelburner 

Updated 26 days ago


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Cruisin_For_A_Bruisin.d64 170 kB


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Very good game and musics, thank you. I also added that to my New Games On C64 from February 2024 -video too.

Nice! Thanks for the feedback, and thats a really nice video!

Great single button game, with simplistic graphics and design.  Good music, highly addictive. Well done. :)

Thanks richard!! always nice to get feedback from other game devs !!!! :) 

Lovely game, here is my tribute.  Now the video is out I can finally buy it... ...purchase incoming !

Very nice tribute!! Thanks you very much!!

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A very good game. For breaking records. As an editor at K&A PLUS magazine, ( https://ka-plus.pl/en/ ) I would like to talk about this game. If I can ask you to contact me on email ( yahwey88@gmail.com ) I will be very grateful ✌️😎

Lets make that cover disk!! :)

Lovely game, I like parallax pine trees! Need more practice to get a good high score! Great work Megastyle!

Thanks RR! :) Agrees with parallax!!!! :)

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Good job! Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’ (2024, Megastyle)

Awesome !

Thanks!!! :)

Awesome game!

Saberman!! Always first with the new games!! Thanks for making the video and spreading the word!!!