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This is great Re-rlease of this game.  Kudos to you and hope you bring out more games like this.

Ship movement and flight speed should be slower, I think that detail would improve gameplay a lot...

So glad to have been the first website to give this a "release" feature. Such an incredible game, nice work to all involved

Congrats! Awesome work!

Thanks so much to everyone who worked on this, it's a great game, I'm having an absolute blast playing it

Brilliant conversion, thank you so much

The visual work here is just stunning! It doesn't really look like a C64, it looks timeless. What I mean is that adding more pixels and colors wouldn't really improve it. And that is very hard to do when you are going for a fairly "realistic" style.


Epic level work here. Chefs kiss marks of excellence. Love it.

Amazing conversion.  Graphics beyond anything I'd associate with the C64.  Gameplay improves on the A2600 original.  Must play for fans of A2600's Empire or C64's Mutant Camels.

Thank you very much for this absolute cool game.

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The best version of this game ! C64 masters wants to congratulate the whole Megastyle team involved in this game. A video in your honor.

Just downloaded. Do you guys have a KoFi link? I know you cant accept direct money for the game but want to contribute in some way for all the time and effort put in to it :)

Tim - Pixel Gaiden Poccast.

Thank you!!!! is amazing!


Awesome! Ever since I played the preview, I've been looking forward to making a longplay from it. And may the force be with you!

That's some impressive flying there, pilot! Maybe we made the game too easy! :D

No, definitely not too easy. As stated in the video description, I used savestates (and edited it afterwards in the video editing program). It's all about a YT playthrough video, plain and simple.

Phew! Good to know! It's hard to judge the difficulty level on these small projects, so glad to hear you're happy!

Amazing work!

My 8-year-old self has come back through the TARDIS, oops wrong franchise.

Amazing Game Port, Love it and thank you.

A great conversion of the Atari 2600 classic.  Great presentation and expanded gameplay mechanics.

Works great on my NTSC breadbin. Also works with my Kung FU Flash

both, my c64 maxi arrived today in the mail and this piece of art has been released, yes it is a may the 4th

Awesome game ! May the 4th be with you :)

Looks, plays, sounds.....awesome! Great job.

Great! What a nice detailed Game, love it - thanks for the port in the C64 … Its MEGA(style) :)

Fantastic work, been a joy to watch it grow into this beauty

Looks and sounds gorgeous! Well done to the team.


Thank you very much for this! Great game! Very fun to play!

This.Is.Awesome. Thanks a lot! The Atari VCS 2600 Version was great at its time. But this one is on steroids. Great gfx, sound and gameplay.


Awesome game!

Thank you!  What an amazing job!

Absolutely fantastic.
Thank you

very good

This is awesome! Thank you! 😊👍

Thank you!

Thank you. Brilliant. 👍


Looks amazing.  Been waiting ages to place this, but it will have to wait until the morning now for me, but again this looks fantastic.  Loved it on my 2600 back in the early 80's and this just looks amazing.

Exactly my question too!


Good morning, had to wake up before i made them available, its there now! May the 4th be with you.

I don't get it...Where's the link to the game?

Good morning and May the 4th be with you, its available now :)

Thank you!

You did an awesome job. Congratulations! I love that game! Will you sell a physical edition as well? Thanks, Matthias 

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