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In 1983, Taito released the mechanical arcade game "Ice Cold Beer". It sports a playfield dotted with holes, simulating the bubbles of a big glass of frothing, ice cold beer. On each stage, one of the holes will light up, and using a joystick on either side, you tilt a metal bar to maneuver a ball into the right hole. If you hit the lit hole, you move on to the next stage. To see the old arcade in action, check out this youtube movie: 

Today, in 2019, Megastyle proudly presents a digital version of this great classic, especially made for the Commodore 64 Personal Micro Computer. To enjoy this game, you will need either two joysticks in each port, a joystick and keyboard, or you can play it using the keyboard only.

Tilt the bar back and forth to nudge the ball into the lit hole, while avoiding the others. When the ball is deposited, the ball and bar return to the bottom of the playfield, and the next target lights up.

Press SPACE to start the game
Joystick port 1 or keys Q+A controls the left side of the bar
Joystick port 2 or keys  P+L controls the right side of the bar

Ice Cold Beer c64 was made by Jamie Fuller.
All graphics and music made by Roy Widding.
Developed by Megastyle in 2019

The game is our contribution to the RGCD 16k Cartridge competition in 2019.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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ICB_FINAL.crt 16 kB


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Great conversion!!

I'm using it in a MAME cabinet and I would also like to handle the hiscores (MAME can readout the values of certain addresses and store them in a highscore file).

For this to work I would require the address where the highscore is stored.

Could you maybe post it.

This is quite a challenge.  I gave up at the 4 hole, but I'll be back.  Very Nice.  Thanks!

Nice one, will try it immediately

I'm confused by the fact that the original game isn't about cheese.

I love the idea of preserving mechanical games in digital form.

Great idea and looks stunning!