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Welcome to Jumpin' Jalopies for the Commodore 64! This game was originally made for the Reset 4k craptastic game coding competition. This version includes loading music, loading picture, Petscii Instructions, a Megastyle intro and a bug fixed version of the game. Everything linked together into one file,. 

Aim of the game:
The city's parking garage is almost full, and the only available parking spot is located on the top floor, Use your Jalopy's hydraulics and jump between all the floors in the parking garage. This must be done without crashing into the other vehicles in the garage. Can you reach the only available parking spot before the other drivers takes it? 

How to play:
Control your Jalopy by using joystick in port 2. Left or right changes direction, while up or firebutton makes it jump. You have only one life, so if you crash and fall down it will be Game Over.

Jumpin' Jalopies was programmed by Chris Stanley by using C64Studio for the Reset 4k Craptastic Competition.  The vehicles  was  painted  by Roy Widding using Spritepad. Ingame music was originally coded in the DMX miniplayer by Roy Widding, and later converted into the MagSid player by Magnar Harestad

This version is onfiled with an instructionspage coded by Ruben Spaans. Instructions/backgroundstory and Petscii graphics by Roy Widding. It also includes a loading picture made in Pixcen by Roy Widding. The car in the loading picture is a painting of Chris Stanley's 1954 Series 2 Morris Minor :). The catchy loading music was composed by Magnar Harestad in Goattracker.

All finalising, linking and Megastyle Intro made by Kåre Johansen.

This version is the one to keep, as it includes a bug fix that avoids the game from crashing when you get to floor 526! It is now possible to get all the way to the top floor.

We hope you enjoy the game! Happy jumpin'!!

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Jumpin Jalopies Postcompo.d64 170 kB

Install instructions

This game is made for the Commodore 64/128 machines, or any machines supporting emulators for that system. 

When you have  download the D64 file, you can either transfer the file to a real floppy disk and play it on real hardware, or you can use the D64 file in an emulator and play it on your PC/Mac/Cell Phone etc. 

We recommend emulators like VICE. Remember to use the latest version of Vice to get the best emulation. If you use old versions of Vice, we can not guarantee that the game works.

You can download VICE from http://vice-emu.sourceforge.net/


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addictive as hell. thank you.