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Megastyle is proud to release this Amiga version of Kalle Kloakk to you all. 

TO DOWNLOAD THIS GAME VISIT: Docster's personal Itch page

-"This game has been a pain in the neck for me as a coder, there has been tons of moments that I have been thinking of putting this project on ice. But, the bugs and the things that needed to get sorted out with the game has been sorted out. And with good motivation vibes from my team I got it done. So, the Amiga version is based on the same game as the C64 version, the story is the same and you exit to the right as always after all the toilet papers has been picked up. You will see a door when all the paper has been picked up. This is more like eye candy for your eyes, but, you can still exit anywhere on the right side of the screen. The game is built up on a Dual Playfield with 3 bitplanes on each playfield for the extra athmosphere feeling. And the game looks so much better too, better than a black background, won't you agree? Anyway; Have fun playing the game! See you in the next game coming to your Amiga... Or C64."

- Docster/Megastyle 10/05-23

Kalle Kloakk was a game made for the commodore 64 "Craptastic 4k game coding competition" arranged by Reset Magazine in 2018. Of 24 great contributions, this game ended up as number 7 in the competition. Kalle Kloakk was later released on the Mega 65, after a game compo event on Shallan's streams. Kalle Kloakk was voted first place since it was the most completed and playable game of x number of entries. 

Kalle Kloakk was visiting the mall when he felt the urgent need to go to the toilet. When he locked the door, something went wrong! The lock to the bathroom door jammed! Kalle Kloakk was stuck in a public bathroom... Kalle Kloakk looked around, and discovered a window. Kalle Kloakk tought: -"If I only could reach that window". Kalle Kloakk checked the room to see if there was any objects he could stack under the window, so it would be possible to clumb up and escape... And there they where: The toilet paper rolls.... 

Control Kalle Kloakk around in the bathroom, and pick up as many toilet rolls as possible. To get the paper, you must first place plattform-bars to walk on. Choose the perfect height for each bar to create the level. When all bars are set, walk and jump around the screen to pick up the toilet paper. When all rolls of paper is taken, exit the screen by exiting on the right side, or by the newly opened door. If you beat all 8 levels, you will have enough toilet paper to build a stack under the window and climb out and leave the bathroom. If you get stuck, pull joystick down and press fire to retry (this only works if the platforms has been set and Kalle has hit the ground). Good luck!!

Developed by Megastyle
Code: Docster
Graphics: Robert Ramsay aka Pixelburner
Additional Graphics: Rotteroy / Docster
Music: H0ffman

TO DOWNLOAD THIS GAME VISIT: Docster's personal Itch page


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