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In 2016, Reset Magazine arranged a 4k game coding competition where Megastyle contributed with a game called Lumberjack. The game won a silver medal in the competition, and has been known on the c64 gaming scene as a high score chaser and party game for friends to compete to get the best high score.

After the success, a full version was put in production. The full version had more lumberjacks to choose from, more background graphics, more music and a two player death match mode. Unfortunately the game development stopped and the project was cancelled. The preview version is 90% finished, as only the polishing and some small extra features are missing.

If you want to know more about this project, you can reat about it here

Programming by Eric Hilaire
Graphics and music by Roy Widding


lumberjack deluxe preview.zip 25 kB

Install instructions

To play the game, download the ZIP file and unzip the game. 

The D64 file could be transfered to a real floppy disk and played on a Commodore 64/128 (both pal & ntsc compatible). 

If you want to play it on your PC/Mac you can use an emulator like VICE. Remember to use the latest version of Vice (like version 3.1) to get the best emulation.

You can download VICE from http://vice-emu.sourceforge.net/


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