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Absolutely fantastic game. The music, gameplay and plot is bang on. Well done guys and keep up the great work.

Docsters Digger is also a nice, fun arcadey game and is a great bonus.

I'll be honest, right off the bat: I do not and perhaps cannot see how such a ridiculous concept ever got off the ground. I suppose the lengths that we go to to cover up our private lives are truly spectacular, but to what end? I fear I shall not have the patience to reach it.


I purchased this game because of the hilarious storyline.   Great 80's music tracks.  Everything was well thought out.   Very pleased with my purchase.  Looking forward to more software from this team!  Thanks for the entertainment.

Wow! Thanks for all these nice words! Hope you will manage to beat the evil mother in law boss! :)

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What a game! So true-life and yet so original! No hero story, no world savior, no evil necromant overlord, no epic fantasy world, no hidden political agenda - just the most trivial abysses of the basic human condition - wonderful! I got it for the Maxi and I love it. Animations are great, soundtrack too, gameplay is challenging and absolutely hilarious - a well made and quite unique game. I congratulate you, my good man! :)

Hi, and thank you for your kind words! Feedback like this is really motivating! Thanks again!  

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Absolutely awesome!! Love the soundtrack too :-)

Thanks Kevin! <3

Good luck with your itch release.

Thank you! And thank you for always beeing so supportive to us!!!!