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Really like this game. I'm generally not into games like this either. So that's a compliment coming from me.

hehe, great feedback!! :) Thank you!!

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another one of those 'scener' games. it's ok, for 20 minutes or so. mediocre fun for mediocre minds. 5.5/10

very enjoyable and colorful !


This needs a cartridge release! Please!

Good idea! I can have a talk with the publisher to see how we can solve that


do you know when the tape will be available to buy?


Hi Jeff, I talked with the publishers yesterday, and duplication of tapes has started, so if nothing goes wrong it wont be far away :)



Looks nice. Can you run on other colours (ie. yellow/green) in higher levels?

No, we have not implemented that, the level difficulty increases with speed


very good

Thank you Marco!! :)