A downloadable tool for Windows

The creators of this app has NO association with TheC64 team, and it is NOT endorsed or in any way linked to TheC64 developers. 

TheC64 Game Maxi Tool is a tool designed to let you create a custom firmware .bin file to inject your favorite Commodore 64 games into the carousel UI of both TheC64 Mini and the Maxi computer.

This can be accomplished without altering your TheC64 device’s hardware or wiping out the actual operating system of the unit.  This makes it safe to use and revertable; best of all - anyone can use it without any advanced technical skills or hardware experience.  

Instructions - Quickstart - How to add games the easy way:

1. Use the "Add" button to choose a game and input some game info.
2. Press "Make FW" to open the custom firmware dialog
3. You can select "Backup games" and "Backup nand" if you would like to do so.
4. DO NOT SELECT THE "Delete all games first"
5. Press the "Make" button to make the firmware and then save it to your working USB stick
6. Go to your TheC64 and do a firmware update.
7. You should now see all your new games after a reboot.

You can also sync your TheC64 and this tool. If you want to do that, you can also delete games, This is not recommended for users that don't have root access to the TheC64 and can fix things if they go wrong. How to do this is described in the PDF in the download section.

Good luck !

Install instructions

Download the zip file and read the PDF documentation. If you do not like to read instructions, there is a complete youtube manual made by Shane Monroe embedded on this page, and on his webpage The C64 Mini Zone

Keep in mind, This Tool is primary made for TheC64 Maxi, but it is tested and works fine on TheC64Mini aswell. If you do not know the internal differences between the Maxi and the Mini, this tool might not be for you,  It is strongly recommended that you have root access (FEL or UART) to your TheC64, so you can correct any problems caused by the tool.

The tool has NO WARRANTY, and we take no responsibility if TheC64 or TheC64 Mini stops working after use.


TheC64GameTool_v101_release.zip 3 MB
Updated Docs 280220 - TheC64 Maxi Game Tool.pdf 1 MB


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This looks awesome - Any chance of a Mac version?

Fantastic job, super simple to use, made a c64 mini even cooler.  Anyone use it on a TheVic20 yet?   

Written through C++. Easy to use, for example, FS does not exceed 1.16, can debug by itself, the effect is very good.

Can avoid the game to detect whether has been in an accelerated state, stable.

If you think this software is good, please help share the speeder.

Thanks for this tool, it's great! Would be possible to implement adding multi-disc games?

I'm exited to be able to add my favorite C64 games to the carousel.
The tool has a great UI and is easy to use. I like!

The original Carousel manages multiple languages.

If I use a non-English language, will I still see the text to descriptions?

Leider gehen nur Ausschliesslich englische Texte, und auch NUR die werden angezeigt

Unfortunately only English texts are accepted, and ONLY those are displayed

This is great, finally I have my favorite games on The C64 mini and maxi.

To jest świetne, wreszcie mam moje ulubione gry na C64 mini i maxi.

これは素晴らしいです。最後に、C64 miniとmaxiでお気に入りのゲームを手に入れました。