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Can you guys answer this.. why does the C64Game Tool have a virus in the files? The actual program is stopped by McAfee everytime.. are you trying to infect people? real protect.dll and The C64Game Tool.. crazy stuff.. 

every file does that and none of them have viruses in them because if they did than wouldn be reported 

Hi, this tool work on new Amiga mini?

Does it work with the Vic 20 maxi Limited Edition TheC64?


Hello! I have the C64 Maxi with the latest 1_5_2 update.  TheC64GameTool downloaded.  Added my games and meta data, and ran the Make FW.  The bin file is created.  When I update the C64 with it, it seems to be updating fine.  but the carousel remains unchanged.  I have watched your training video, and many others on youtube.  I am doing everything correct that I can see to do.  Is there something about the 1_5_2 update that I is preventing this tool from working now?



Hey Tim, did you find a solution to this - I have exactly the same problem. Tried multiple file combinations and mem sticks.  Appears to update fine, but no new game goodness on the carousel :(

Nope, not with TheC64 Maxi Game Tool.  I did however find Project Carousel USB (PCU) through TheC64 Community.  After a small learning curve,I have it up and running with all of my games plus more via a USB.  It is pretty awesome.

Bah ok, thanks for the heads up, ill do some detective work. Happy gaming :)

I've had the same problem. I also seem to have the additional problem of not getting it to boot past the language and Refresh rate screen. It's not dead, but something weird is going on. Any thoughts? I'm gonna try PCU. Thanks for that lead. :)

This looks awesome - Any chance of a Mac version?

Fantastic job, super simple to use, made a c64 mini even cooler.  Anyone use it on a TheVic20 yet?   

Written through C++. Easy to use, for example, FS does not exceed 1.16, can debug by itself, the effect is very good.

Can avoid the game to detect whether has been in an accelerated state, stable.

If you think this software is good, please help share the speeder.

Thanks for this tool, it's great! Would be possible to implement adding multi-disc games?

I'm exited to be able to add my favorite C64 games to the carousel.
The tool has a great UI and is easy to use. I like!

The original Carousel manages multiple languages.

If I use a non-English language, will I still see the text to descriptions?

Leider gehen nur Ausschliesslich englische Texte, und auch NUR die werden angezeigt

Unfortunately only English texts are accepted, and ONLY those are displayed

This is great, finally I have my favorite games on The C64 mini and maxi.

To jest świetne, wreszcie mam moje ulubione gry na C64 mini i maxi.

これは素晴らしいです。最後に、C64 miniとmaxiでお気に入りのゲームを手に入れました。