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Is it just me that also wants to retire with miss Jigglytits?

Really fun for such a simple typing game. Love the intro music too. Works great on my NTSC breadbin.


Thanks for that nice feedback! We have been talking about making a sequel at some time later, so watch our pages for news! :)

Thanks for the game, very beautiful music and graphics and as i am typist i found challenging from the half of the game. Great game!

Thank you Alessandro! Cool to see that gamers still download and play this game :)

Typing and the Dead (starring G Haxman)



Hi,  tried in VICE and 99% of time it was leeter "Q" and 1% letter "W". Was it supposed to use the whole keyboard? just beat the game in like 3 minutes...

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Hello Leorivas!  You probably have an old version of Vice. The old versions of VICE doesn't emulate the random routine, and then this bug appears. If you try the game on a newer version of Vice (3.1) that emulates the c64 better or on a real c64 you will get a whole new experience.  :) - Rotteroy