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"We Are Stardust (The C64 WASD game)" is a game for the Commodore 64 included on the physical versions of the LukHash album with the same name: "We Are Stardust". This game has until  now only been available as a physical game, but is now available as a free digital game. This digital version is slightly modified and has a new loading tune composed by Lukhash. If you want to obtain the physical version, read below for more information.

The album, "We Are Stardust",  is LukHash' second album from NRW, and it is packed with crispy darksynth chiptunes and retro electro greatness. The album has several good scores on the Bandcamp and iTunes Charts: 
*Peaked at #1 Best selling "All Genres" in Bandcamp Charts.
*Peaked at #1 Best selling "Electronic" in Bandcamp Charts.
*Reached #1 Best selling in Retrowave Bandcamp Charts.
*Peaked at #44 Best selling "Electronic" in iTunes Electronic Albums Charts.

On the physichal version, the game is a secret wav file that all you techies can extract, and convert into a working tap file to play on your C-64. You can also play it on your old hardware or in a C-64 emulator like Vice.  Remember to use the latest version of Vice (like version 3.5 or newer) to get the best emulation.
To get the physical version of the game, visit New Retro Waves's bandcamp order page before its sold out. The first batch is sold out, but a new CD re-press is still available. This physical album is a  must for all RetroFuture and Retro Electro lovers and also for all LukHash fans that enjoy playing retro games on retro hardware!

WASD C64 Game credits:
Programmed by Jamie Fuller
Game graphics by Roy Widding
Loader graphics by Rune Spaans
Original artwork by Pedro Laurenco
Original music by LukHash
Title and ingame music by Magnar Harestad
Loading music by Lukhash
Tape loader by Paul Hughes
Tape mastering by Tom Roger Skauen
Digital version linked by Docster
D64 dirart and Petscii by Rotteroy

Game testers and alot of moral support from
Roysterini, Endurion, Docster, Monstersgoboom and Chris Stanley

Special thanks to NRW Records

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We Are Stardust (M).d64 170 kB


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Nice graphic style and the menu music is awesome!

Any chance on a vinyl repress? 

Very nice game and music, congrats :)
I thought the QR CODE at the end took us to a global high scores page, too bad

Hi Snapouille, thanks for the nice words.

The QR code and the global high score is only working on the game version thats included on the physical edition as an extra service for the ones who bought the album from Lukhash.

Ok I understand.
Thank you for your reply.

Simple and pretty fun ! Cheers !

Nice graphics and excellent music. As for the game, it is cleverly made and very casual.

very good

Awesome game!

(1 edit)

So, any news on the availability here?

Hi, we wanted to give it away allready last month, but things happened and its unfortunately still not fixed yet.  But physical edition of game is available on CD repress https://newretrowave.bandcamp.com/album/we-are-stardust . Not that I think it will take a long time before we drop the official digital free version here... Thans for the patience :)

Hey, no problem. I'm just glad to know it's still coming. Thanks for the answer :)

Hi again, a little update for you. Looks like we can have it ready this easter :) Thanks for waiting

My FAVORITE game of 202!  The graphics are stunning, the music is magical, and the game play is addictive and challenging!  Check out my PERFECT RUN, and subscribe to my YouTube channel if you are so inclined!  Thank you Megastyle! :)

Thanks for this video, I have used it as the YT headliner for this game on the our ITCH page. :)

The tapes/CDs have been sold out for months now. Do you have any estimate when the game will be available digitally?

Hi, We are waiting for the vinyls to start shipping, thats why things are delaying. Im really impatient myself, i look forward to see this in the wild! :)

ok so i have tried all that i know to get the game to work and had no luck. Used Audiotap, tried different volumes, tried ripping as a wav then converting to .tap all i get is loading we r stardust and then i get corrupt artifacts. Using Vice emu. Any ideas? i know its a volume issue somewhere....

record it without that "this is not a audio track" intro stuff , that did the trick for me to get it working on vice.

Yeah i had used wavepad for that. In the end i tried a different drive to rip the cd and that worked! :) Cheers anyway dude

Unfortunately that hasn't worked for me. I made a WAV file from the bonus track (on CD), trimmed the introductory warning away and then tried to convert via wavprg. Maybe wavprg doesn't work properly.

Any ideas or suggestions? Thank you in advance.

Merry Christmas! You can try https://colaku.com/~tomsk/c64tapwav/ (there is a readmefile in the zip explaining.. Maybe that works better for you?

Merry Christmas! Thank you for your suggestion. I will have to wait until I have access to a Windows machine, since these days I am running Linux almost exclusively. The readme file does not actually describe all the dependencies as it turns out. So there might be obstacles on the way. But thank you anyway for the suggestion.

I have tried c64tapedecode https://github.com/lunderhage/c64tapedecode

It produced a TAP file but it didn't work completely, at least not in VICE. The second loading screen of the girl with the city scape and the music comes up but then VICE locks up with a CPU jam. It's a bit disappointing. But the music on the album is very good. I like the album for that.

Is your program doing anything special that makes it unrunnable on an emulator? I will then have to wait until I have access to real hardware.

I tried again with a new WAV file generated with CDex. The results are "better" in a way. Now the picture of the second load screen looks much cleaner (some corruption on the lower edge) but the music is completely garbled.

At least the game seems to start but I'm still not entirely happy. I didn't expect this to be such a delicate process.

I'm always happy about any pointers as to what I could try. Maybe it will even help other people. Thank you.